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As everyone knows, the administration of herbs is an ancient form of medicine, and indeed herbs can offer a simple solution to many common heath problems. But herbal medicines have a far wider scope than this. Recent research suggests that, far from being outmoded, herbs represent an ideal means of redressing the complex imbalances that characterise many modern chronic illnesses (Liu et al., 2013). In fact, herbal therapy lends itself perfectly to a systems approach to disease, which recognises that illnesses may have multiple rather than single causes. From this viewpoint, the complex makeup of herbal preparations is an advantage rather than a drawback, since the herbs may work simultaneously on multiple systems.

Furthermore, endobiogenic therapy, which which is based chiefly on the use of herbs, offers a patient-oriented, systems-based approach to disease that is ideally suited to tackling chronic, complex health problems, particularly those typically suffered by an ageing population. In conjunction with treatment for physical ailments, I advise patients (of all ages) on strategies for maintaining peak cognitive health and ability.

As well as prescribing herbs and supplements, I train patients with breathing difficulties, particularly asthma, in specific breathing techniques that have been validated by a number of research studies. Again, these techniques can benefit patients of all ages, with specific modifications for children.

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can be used to treat a wide range of health issues, from minor acute problems to complex chronic ones…



a global approach to health problems, based on the functioning of the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems



a proven therapy for controlling asthma symptoms, but also helpful for other problems related to breathing, such as panic attacks


cognitive health

learn about dietary and lifestyle strategies to maximise cognitive health